TAP Workshops

We have joined Mass Housing’s Tenant Assistance Program. “MassHousing’s Tenant Assistance Program, provides hands-on tools to address issues in your affordable rental housing including alcohol and other substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, hoarding, aging-in-place, challenges faced by families, and the difficulties of people living with disabilities” (Mass Housing Rental, 2016). We are excited to offer three different workshops to these housing complexes.


How to Get Rid of Chaos & Clutter – 2 hours

Workshop attendees will be taught: how to stop clutter in their life, how to get everything in their homes and life in order and how to stay chaos an clutter free. Offered Boston, Metro Boston, Southeast and Central Mass.

How to Never be Broke & Live Debt Free – 2 hours

People get into financial difficulty because they don’t have a long-term vision of what they want their finances to look like; or they do not have a plan to be able to navigate the day to day issues with money. This workshop will equip participants to succeed both in long-term financial planning (such as budgeting) as well as daily financing management.

Strategic Life Planning & Effective Time Management – 2 sessions/2 hours each

Living a purposed life begins with creating a personal Strategic Life Plan. This is like a business plan for life. It is the guide that is used to fulfill one’s purpose, see one’s vision come to fruition and accomplish life goals.